Yoga taught me that you are not empty — but full of light and love. In yoga, you work to slowly shed the obstacles, until the light is seen for all of its beauty and brightness.

Catherine Cook-Cottone, Ph.D.


I am a Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, and Founder of Yogis in Service.

Long before I took my first yoga class, I loved the idea of yoga: the integration of body and mind in service of the soul. What is not to love about that?

Yet, for a long time, I believed that (much like ballet) yoga was most certainly not for people like me! Yoga was for those with flexibility and grace. Yoga was for people had “good” bodies—bodies that looked right, moved right, and easily fell into calm, relaxed states.

Despite my certitude, a good friend dragged me along to a yoga class over twelve years ago. Entering the class, I was afraid. I was afraid of falling, afraid being the only one in the room who could not reach her toes, afraid I would embarrass myself. As the class ended though, I found myself lying in savasana with an amazing sense of what I can only call a big-hearted feeling of love and happiness. You see, yoga was for me and my tight hamstrings. It turns out that you don’t need to be perfectly graceful and flexible.

You just need to be.

And so, this is why I teach. I want to show you the way to that big-hearted love and happiness. And maybe somewhere along the way, your hamstrings will let go a little bit, and you will find your toes.

Monochome photo of Catherine practising yoga at Hive
Himalayan Institute 200hr Yoga Certification
Certified Baptiste Teacher
Yoga Alliance RYT-500
Yogis In Service - Buffalo, NY
Power Yoga Buffalo
Yoga Journal Good Karma Award (2016)

Yoga Journal: Good Karma Awards

In 2016, I received a Good Karma Award from Yoga Journal for research. The Good Karma Awards honor men and women who selflessly give back to communities through yoga and other seva work, and inspire others to give back in turn.