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This page is here to provide you with acess to my work.

As an introduction, my name is Catherine Cook-Cottone. I am on a journey through my research, service, teaching, and yoga to empower individuals to be self-regulated. I have studied and worked to discover the most effective way for individuals to become self-regulated. I have found that for many, this means that self-regulation must be embodied and it must be a practice.

What does it mean to experience embodied self-regulation?

To embody self-regulation means you are in your own power and are creating the life you want while you pursuing your goals. It means that you have found an effective way to physically experience your body and your health and that you do not engage in self-destructive behaviors such as substance abuse and eating disordered behaviors. It means that you feel the way you want to feel each day and that you know exactly how to cultivate these feelings. It means that you know what you want and you have a plan and daily practices that will get you there. It means you have caring relationships that are based on mutual support, encouragement, and love. Finally, it means that you engage in daily practices of self-care.

That is embodied self-regulation. It is available to YOU!

On the side bar, you can find links to each of the resources I have available across my areas of expertise. I work at the University at Buffalo as an Associate Professor in the Department of Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology (CSEP), am a partner at Snyder Psychological Services write a weekly blog, and teach yoga at Power Yoga Buffalo.



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